Monday, May 7, 2012

The Avengers Blooper: Punching Bag Bursts before Captain America Hits It with His Fist

In the scene in The Avengers where Captain America hits the punching bag in the gym, you may not notice that the bag bursts even before his fist makes contact. If you freeze the frames, you will notice the sand is already bursting out of the bag even as Cap begins to make his punch. The next image below show more sand bursting out but Cap's fist isn't even touching the bag yet.

Such advanced reaction effects make the action appear faster than it really is. It works well if the film or video is at normal viewing speed, but with today's digital technology, people can easily slow down the moving frames and freeze them to see what's really going on in the scene and what effects have been applied.

Captain America: Scrawny to Brawny Effect

Sunday, May 15, 2011

Theseus's Epirus Bow in Immortals Has Arrows that Race

This isn't exactly a blooper, but in the movie Immortals, Theseus, our demigod hero known for fighting the Minotaur, gets his hand on the Epirus bow which does not need any physical arrows. Instead it generates magic missiles which unerringly hit their targets with uncanny precision and accuracy. The bow is magical, so it can do things which ordinary bows cannot do, such as generate arrows as needed and defy the laws of physics. it's not supposed to work like a real bow.

In one scene where there are hostages, Theseus lets loose several shots, one after the other, but they all hit at the same time. If actual real-world arrows were released one after the other, they'd hit one at a time and never all at once.

This isn't exactly a blooper since the arrows are supposed to be magical. But then if these arrows can accelerate magically, it makes one wonder why they should have to take so long to hit the mark. Why not get there in no time at all? I'm sure there's some magical explanation, but even without one, great special effects and the power of imagination and creativity can do wonders to suspend disbelief at the movies.

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