Thursday, September 10, 2009

Camera Reflection Seen in Trucker Movie Starring Michelle Monaghan

Trucker is a drama about a single mother who's reluctant to become one after he estranged kid suddenly comes into her life and turns things upside down.

Trucker is a movie where there aren't any special effects or the usual bloopers associated with them, but there's this one scene where Monaghan pulls away in her truck that reveals the reflection of the camera on the truck's side (top picture).

It's really a brief exposure and the blooper would not really be noticed if you're not looking, but it's there. For a fraction of a second, you can see the camera and a few other unrecognizable "production" things reflected on the side as the truck moves along.

Trucker has garnered acclaim in independent film circles and Monaghan's unforgettable heartfelt performance has also been praised. It stars Nathan Fillion who we all know from Serenity.