Monday, November 29, 2010

Cowboys and Aliens Wrist Blaster Lighting Effect Blooper

Cowboys and Aliens: Light that's supposed to have come from the ray gun actually came from a different source.

Cowboys and Aliens is a movie based on a graphic novel in which cowboys are pitted against aliens. The cowboys, primarily Daniel Craig and Harrison Ford's characters, must do with simple guns and their horses most of the time. But there's an advanced weapon attached to Craig's character's wrist which, in one scene, is used to take down an alien ship.

The weapon blasts away creating bright light and hits the alien ship, causing it to explode in mid air before crashing. More explosive light is created in the scene. Nothing appears amiss in the lighting, but if you look closely at the shadows, the sources of the illumination are not the objects concerned in the scene. The light that's supposed to have come from Craig's wrist weapon actually comes from the right side of the scene (note the shadows of the debris on the ground in the top picture) and the light that's supposed to come from the exploding ship originates from a visual effect that doesn't appear to create shadows (below).

Grappling cables instead of tractor beams in Cowboys and Aliens?

Olivia Wild stars in Cowboys and Aliens

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Monday, July 5, 2010

Paranormal 2 Teaser Blooper? Reflection of Baby Disappears

Paranormal 2 is about strange things that go on in a house. So, it's not surprising to see a few ghostly things appear and disappear. But there's one thing in the teaser trailer that should not disappear, and that's the reflection of a baby in the mirror. Then again, maybe it's supposed to happen?

In one room where there's supposedly a camera to document paranormal and supernatural phenomena, there's a baby in a crib. There's a German Shepherd dog on the floor. The wall on the upper left hand corner of the room is mirrored and you can see the baby and the dog reflected on it (top). But in two instances, the reflection doesn't match what's in the room. The baby and the dog (above, left) appear to have disappeared from the mirror. In the scene where the female ghost appears by the door, the baby is lying down but appears in the mirror standing up. See for yourself in the movie stills that follow.

Things Go Bump in the Night in Paranormal 2

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Thursday, February 4, 2010

MacGruber X-5 Missile Patterned after Saturn 5 Moon Rocket

MacGruber, our all-around veteran and multi-awarded funny soldier from Saturday Night Live is now a movie on the big screen and it's explosive! The story is about a stolen X-5 warhead missile from Russia. The mission of MacGruber is to stop the madman from turning Washington D.C. into dust. The picture above shows the schematics of the X-5. If you look closely, it's actually patterned after the Saturn 5 Moon rocket from the 1960s.

The schematics does not exactly match the looks of the prop used in the movie (above, left). Look at the model behind Val Kilmer and you can see that it does not look like the one in the drawing; it has a slimmer midsection with a bulbous top. Interestingly, the schematics has text indicating the fictional company that made the missile: Lunatech. We can only surmise that this is a nod to the Saturn 5 moon rocket (left) that inspired the design in the drawing. The looks of the Saturn 5 is a classic imitated in many old toys of the 1960s. Apparently, the design has not lost its appeal, which is a good sign.

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