Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Jack Brooks: Monster Slayer Missed Punches

Jack Brooks: Monster Slayer, is another monster movie in the tradition of Slither, Ghoulies, and Mario Brothers. The plot: man uncovers something gruesome; gruesome thing enters man; man turns to monster; monster turns other men (and women) into monsters and then all hell breaks loose. Of course, the only one who can save the world (in this case, that's the school), is a plumber. He has to make a decision - do what is right or run for his life.

Lots of punches are swung in this movie, but they're mostly obvious misses as this example below clearly shows. Girl flies across the room, but the punch didn't really connect. Well, that's what you can expect in Hollywood B movies - even the modern special effects ones like this.

Jack Brooks: Monster Slayer stars Robert Englund, Rachel Skarsten, and Trevor Matthews

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