Thursday, November 20, 2008

Watchmen's Rorschach Swings to the Right But Hits from the Left

Here is an action sequence where the Watchmen's Rorschach swings something to his right to catch his opponent's jaw. But notice that when he connects, his weapon (or whatever that is he's swinging), comes in from the left.

This sequence is from the Watchmen trailer, and the continuity seems off. Otherwise, the takes are from two different scenes and simply spliced together in the teaser to form a semblance of a scene that's connected. If that's not the explanation, then it's likely because Rorschach can't tell left from right because of that stuffy sack over his head, or the Silk Spectre's outfit has got him distracted.

Watchmen Rorschach is a rightist figure. He'll do what it takes to get justice as he morally sees fit. So do him justice by making him a symbol of yours at home. Buy his finely-detailed action figure now!

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