Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Dog Jumps through Door and Article of Clothing Carried in Mouth Changes Color in the Movie Marley and Me

Marley is a naughty and frisky Labrador dog in the heartwarming holiday movie Marley and Me. But we can assume that he's not frisky enough to be able to "magically" change the article of clothing he's carrying through a screen door! See how in the two pictures that follow, it changes from pink to white. Also note that in the second picture, it's a different item from what we see in the first one. Since it's from the official Marley & Me trailer, it may be an editing issue that may not be present in the movie itself.

Aside from the changing clothing article, Marley goes through a door that doesn't appear to have a screen, but the frame cuts to the next that clearly shows the dog breaking through the screen of the door as he jumps through. We can guess that the screen was removed to keep the cute dog from getting harmed from repeated takes. But the cutting is fast enough for the changes to be noticed. Marley and Me stars Jennifer Aniston and Owen Wilson.

Watch the Marley & Me trailer here.

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