Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Drag Me to Hell Stunt Switch

Alison Lohman is a good actress, but like all good actresses, she also has a double for scenes that are too physical or demanding in terms of action and body punishment. In her movie Drag Me to Hell, she has a scene (movie still at the bottom) where a witch pulls her out of her car by the legs through the door.

The scene is a quick one, and viewers aren't able to tell if it is indeed Lohman or a stunt woman who got dragged. But if you slow down the scene and freeze one frame, you'd see that it's not Lohman doing the stunt but some other girl. It's obvious even with the face contorted on purpose (still warranted in the scene, of course) to avoid recognition. It's definitely a stunt woman who has a much longer face than Alison's.

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