Monday, October 19, 2009

Bad Guy Crashes Through Thin Doorway in The Spy Next Door

Hong Kong's Jackie Chan is in another action-comedy movie called The Spy Next Door. It's like The Tuxedo in which an ordinary guy gets to become a spy. But in this movie, Chan is already a spy, but he has to do his duty while babysitting for a neighbor.

While being a doting neighbor to the kids next door, Chan unknowingly gets them in danger when the naughty kids mistakenly downloads a code that the bad guys are after. They literally crash into the house and go after the kids. But the kids are ready for them with spy gadgets that make the tricks done in Home Along seem like, well, child's play.

In one scene, a kid use a force gadget on a big bad guy that sends him crashing through the bedroom doorway. You will notice in the sequence that the doorway wall is as thin as cardboard. Ideally, it should be several inches thick and made of concrete. But since this is a comedy movie, it's kind of acceptable, but not very realistic. Such a thin wall wouldn't really hold a door that's at least two inches thick along the borders.

See some cool spy gadgets here.

Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Molar for a Canine Tooth Effects Blooper in Tooth Fairy

The comedy, Tooth Fairy, stars Dwayne Johnson as a loathsome ice hockey player who gets sentenced by the tooth fairies for wrongdoings committed against toothfairydom. To pay for his misdeeds, he must become a tooth fairy. It's a lot easier said than done of course and our hero must pass tooth fairy school before he is set loose onto the world!

Well, back to the blooper. In one scene in the movie, Johnson crashes into an opposing team's player who loses a canine tooth - or is it a lateral incisor? Anyway, the tooth that flies away and shown as a computer graphic animation (below) is clearly intended to be a molar. Molars, of course, are found at the back of the jaw and mandible and not at the front. You can see what canine teeth look like in the diagram on the left. The third picture below shows the source of the loosened tooth.

The tooth fairy from Hellboy 2: The Golden Army.
This isn't your fairy tale tooth fairy. It's actually the one from Hell Boy 2: The Golden Army. Yes, it's a nasty looking one but it's also kind of cute at the same time with that funny horse-like smile. Click here or on the image to place your order.