Sunday, July 20, 2008

A Couple of Babylon AD Visual Effects Misses

Babylon AD is a new sci-fi, action thriller of Vin Diesel, who plays a tough mercenary of sorts, given the task of protecting a woman (Melanie Thierry) with special powers.

What follows are a couple of visual effects misses.

The city lights of the Americas (below) are very clear in this sequence as the viewer zooms in towards the Earth. The error is here is that there's not a single cloud blocking the view of the lights, although there are some in the day side. Also note the land masses to the left of North America (your left, actually) - unlikely because that's where the Atlantic ocean should be - or are they just brown clouds?

Here, Diesel throws a punch that connects with the jaw of his cage-fighting opponent, but it's really a clear miss even as the opponent reacts ahead of Diesel's punch.

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